Jan 1, 2008

Raj Kundra Wife - Kavita Kundra

raj kundra wife

Raj Kundra Wife

shilpa shetty

Shilpa Shetty

kavita kundra
Kavita Kundra

Kavita Kundra is the wife of Businessman Raj Kundra who says Shilpa Shetty is responsible for her marriage split. Also NRI wife Kavita Kundra accuses Shilpa Shetty threatens her being Home Wrecker.

Other the other hand Shilpa Shetty admits that she is dating with NRI Entrepreneur Raj Kundra.


Anonymous said...

shilpa should have more sense to avoid getting involved with such a man. i would say kavita i better off without him and shilpa will be too.

Anonymous said...

Iam not surprised at what happened to kavita kundra, as indian actresses like shilpa shetty would do anything for catching hold of an NRI businessman especially a millionaire. To be honest kavita, you are better off without raj, as he is so unstable and shilpa, you have another thing coming. A man who leaves his wife and baby daughter for a woman like shilpa, will one day leave her too for a better looking actress who may come his way. All i can say is people like shilpa will do anything for a man who is rich in pounds than think about the moral consequences of his ex-wives agony with a young child. And to kavita, i really hope you find a very honest and loving man who can accept you and your daughter with love.

Anonymous said...

God's hand is a strong one and when he hits, its lethal. Shilpa snatched Raj from Kavita and now her own marriage is on the rocks. How will Raj Kundra forgive or forget a loss of Rs 80Cr thanks to Shilpa for making him invest in IPL and now with the team banned by BCCI. Like many this fool actually believed Shilpa - a C grade actor, an iten girl and a hoe to actually be some "acclaimed celebrity" and now he is facing the music. Nice show....this is what happens to people who SHOW OFF till it gets nauseating. Shilpa and Preity both ace showgirls, liars and fakes deserve this.

Anonymous said...

Justice is served. Kavita must indeed be a nice lady to get her dues so soon.....With this huge loss of $15 million because of Rajasthan Toyals team ban by BCCI, Raj is going to hate Shilpa now. It was because of Shilpa and her starry attitude of being someone imp that he invested in it. Lost...everything lost now. In a second God makes paupers out of assumed princes. There is a God up there and he is just. I wish Kavita well.

Sushmita :) said...

Things like this happen everyday okay. Everybody gets hurt. People find new ones. They move on. Happiness is more important that morality. People go where they find happiness. Kavita too will find someone someday who actually loves and wants her and not someone who forcefully had to be with her for the sake of being married. Stop blaming Shilpa all of you. None of you are saints in your life. All of you have hurt the ones who love you and were selfish. So, leave them alone in their life and mind your own business!!!